A transformational journey.
LifeWorks is now part of TELUS Health.


A transformational journey.
LifeWorks is now part of TELUS Health.


Learn more about the strengths of our combined organizations, the next steps in the rebranding process, and other important information.

Updated on August 28, 2023.

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What is the user experience once you rebrand? What changes and remains the same in the platform?

The brand change from LifeWorks to TELUS Health does not impact the services offered to your people. They will continue to have access to all the features, tools, and services that have been provided through LifeWorks. There is no change to any functionality, including login methods, passwords and usernames.

If a user already has a LifeWorks account and/or downloaded the LifeWorks app before August 31st, they can continue to use and access the app as usual, with the minor changes listed below.

If a user creates an account and/or downloads the app after August 31st, they will see the rebranded platform.

Existing users experience.


  • The changes below will be effective mid-August (week of August 14).
  • Users do not need to re-download the app:
    • If the users’ devices have automatic updates turned on, the app will update automatically.
    • If automatic updates are not turned on, users will see a pending update in their app store that they need to tap to update and see the changes.
  • Once the app is updated on their device:
    • The app icon will update to show the new TELUS Health One app tile.
    • The app name will change from “Lifeworks” to “One”.
    • The branding will update to TELUS Health, including logo, colours, typography.
    • The product names and name of our organization in the content (articles, etc) will also update.
  • A pop-up will appear when the app is rebranded (week of August 14) the first time a user logs into the app, to signal the change to TELUS Health.
    • The pop-up will be deactivated mid-Q4.
  • The changes are the same for iOS and Android users.

Web platform.

  • The changes below will be effective mid-August (week of august 14).
  • The brand will update to TELUS Health, including logo, colours, typography and the name of our organization in the content.
  • A new URL is available to access the platform: https://one.telushealth.com and https://integrale.telussante.com (in French). 
    • This is a “vanity” URL, meaning that this will redirect users to the rebranded platform. However, the actual URL within the platform will remain “lifeworks.com” until we fully migrate to our new domains in Q1 2024.
  • All existing URLs will continue to function. If a user searches “LifeWorks”, they will be redirected to the TELUS Health One platform.
  • A pop-up will appear when the platform is rebranded (week of August 14) the first time a user signs into the platform, to signal the change to TELUS Health.


  • The changes below will be effective at the end of August (last week of August).
  • Phone calls will begin to be answered as TELUS Health.
  • Call center agents will have access to information to explain the change from LifeWorks to TELUS Health to users, as needed.

New users.

The changes below will be effective after August 31st.


  • Options to download
    • Download via a link from our website:
      • The websites will be updated with the new brand and new app name (TELUS Health One).
      • An explanation that LifeWorks is now TELUS Health will be added to the websites.
      • The download link will continue to drive to the app stores as it does today.
    • Download via marketing materials where QR codes or URLs are provided: 
    • Download via an app store:
      • Users can search for TELUS Health One.
      • The app description will be updated in the app store.
      • If a user searches “LifeWorks” in an app store, they will be redirected to the TELUS Health One app.
  • In-app experience
    • All branding, including logo, colours, typography and name of our organization, will be TELUS Health.
    • A pop-up will appear to signal the change to TELUS Health the first time a user logs into the app.
      • This pop-up will appear for new app users as they may have used the services or heard of LifeWorks through other channels (material, calls, etc.).
      • The pop-up will be deactivated mid-Q4.

Web platform.

  • The brand represented will be TELUS Health, including logo, colours, typography and the name of our organization in the content.
  • A pop-up will appear the first time a user signs into the platform, to signal the change to TELUS Health.
    • This pop-up will appear for new platform users as they may have used the services or heard of LifeWorks through other channels (material, calls, etc.).
    • The pop-up will be deactivated mid-Q4.


  • Phone calls will be answered as TELUS Health.
  • Call centre agents will have access to information to explain the change from LifeWorks to TELUS Health to users, as needed.
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Why are you changing your name?

Our name and brand are changing to reflect the integration of LifeWorks within the TELUS Health family in 2022. Our organizations will now be known as TELUS Health.

This move to one company name and integrated brand is important for many reasons – it brings us together under one strong brand in the market, removes confusion and provides an unmistakable linkage to our TELUS brand and ecosystem, including TELUS International and TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods – both of which have significant global footprints.

We are excited to introduce an enhanced organization that reflects our mission and strategy: being the most trusted wellbeing company in the world. We do this by building the healthiest communities and workplaces on the planet. We are building on a set of innovative capabilities that reimagine the way health and wellbeing are delivered and experienced.

As a global-leading total health and wellbeing provider – encompassing physical, mental and financial health - unified under one brand we are uniquely positioned to support you and solve some of the most pressing issues facing citizens, employers, patients, healthcare professionals and employees around the world.

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Is the LifeWorks name being eliminated altogether?

Moving forward, LifeWorks will transition to be known as TELUS Health. We are now using the TELUS Health logo, with colors and identity aligned with the TELUS Health brand. You and your employees will start seeing this change on our websites, at events, in communications and eventually, when using our services.

To inform our decision-making, we undertook market research that tested the TELUS Health and LifeWorks brand against other options, and the results of this feedback validated that TELUS Health was the descriptive brand and name to move forward with. 

United under TELUS Health, we are committed to leveraging our world-leading technology, products, clinical services and passionate team members to revolutionize access to healthcare and wellbeing services, and drive remarkable experiences for the benefit of our clients and individuals we serve around the world.​​​​​​​

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How do you protect the privacy of my organization and people, and keep our information secure?

LifeWorks is now part of TELUS Health, a subsidiary of the parent organization TELUS Corporation. Our commitment to our clients remains the same: we will not use or disclose any Personal Health Information (PHI) in LifeWorks or TELUS Health’s control for any purposes beyond those for which it was originally collected and/or for which valid consent has been obtained.

Overseeing the protection of information.

The Privacy program at TELUS and TELUS Health, which now includes LifeWorks, is overseen by the Data & Trust Office. TELUS is committed to privacy: we are a globally recognized leader in responsible data stewardship through our Privacy by Design-driven approach.

TELUS Health has been offering various health and wellbeing services across Canada for more than 10 years, including EAP services. In doing so, TELUS is responsible for large volumes of personal information, has mature privacy and security practices in place and has a longstanding track record as a privacy leader in Canada. 

In the new, merged organization, the collection, use and disclosure of data is subject to:

  • Applicable legislation (e.g. PIPEDA, PHIPA, GDPR, etc.);
  • LifeWorks’ policies, and now also the TELUS Trust Model and related policies;
  • Any individual consents given in the course of past services; and
  • Contractual obligations found in service agreement(s) with clients.

Collecting and storing information.

In the course of providing our services or interacting with us, we collect and process certain personal information. When we do so, we collect, use or share personal information with the consent of the service user, for the purposes which we’ve informed them of, or as may be otherwise permitted or required by law. Our organization stores personal information within our core regions (i.e. Canada, the US, the EU and Australia) as required by law or client agreement, and complies with the laws of each jurisdiction. 

Where appropriate, we anonymize information and use other means to protect and minimize the amount of personal information we retain. We only keep information as long as is contractually, operationally or legally necessary. When we no longer need the information, it is either securely destroyed or made anonymous.

Accessing information.

TELUS supports responsible data use with its required assessment process involving senior-level approval for all data initiatives. For example, under TELUS protocols, new uses of personal information require that an assessment be completed, identifying and assessing privacy, security, ethical and other data risks, and we review proposed changes in light of all applicable requirements, restrictions and obligations.

Our collective organization has mature privacy programs and cultures in place, complemented by industry-leading security safeguards. Data from our regrouped organizations will continue to be treated securely, respectfully, and in compliance with all of our legal and customer obligations.

Learn more about our privacy commitment here.

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What are your next steps and timelines? How will these be communicated with us and our people?

We are in the early stages of our rebranding process. Right now, we are formalizing detailed implementation plans to confirm the specific timing, priority and sequencing to rebrand every physical and digital brand representation across all products, interactions and channels—whether it is a customer platform, app, product name, tools, forms, or URLs.

Name changes for account administration activities (contracts, invoices, etc) will be completed this spring, followed by product name changes (platforms, apps, etc) during the summer. All rebranding activities, including updates to our legal name, new signage, service delivery and more will be completed by August 31, 2023.

We will share rebranding updates with you monthly, during the last week of each month. For major milestones such as domain or legal change, we will communicate with you at least 1 month in advance, understanding that there may be implications for you and your employees or members.

Rebrand timeline.

Please note that these timelines are approximate and we will provide more specific dates closer to each milestone.

  • January to March: Consolidation of social media accounts; initial updates to the LifeWorks & TELUS Health websites.
  • April: Monthly client communications begin.
  • May-June: Legal names changed; marketing & sales collateral updated; new contracts under TELUS Health.
  • July: Banking, invoicing & billing updated; building signage updates begin.
  • August: Platforms, portals and apps updated; forms, policies, reports, bulletins and other client content updated; phones answered as TELUS Health; email addresses updated.
  • Q4: Launch of new single log in feature.
  • Q1 2024: Web domains updated.
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Do our contacts with your company change?

Your company contacts will not change. It is business as usual. You will continue to deal directly with your established contacts.

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Can I communicate this change with my employees or members?

Yes, certainly. We are officially TELUS Health! While changes to our services will take effect gradually, your employees may start to see the TELUS Health name right away in communications, on websites and during events. 

You can find a communication that can be shared with employees to announce our new company name here.

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Do I need to do anything as of now?

No action is required on your part as of now. We will continue to provide the same support to you and your employees. Web access, phone numbers and platforms will not immediately change, and we will ensure ample notice ahead of any updates.

In the meantime, you are welcome to share this exciting news with your colleagues and your employees (see the question “Can I communicate this change with my employees?”) so that they are aware of the name change and understand that they will see the TELUS Health name and brand appearing increasingly on portals, products and promotional materials over the next few months.

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Is my contract changing?

Our legal entities now carry an iteration of a TELUS Health name instead of LifeWorks. New contracts, amendments or renewals will be now in the name of a TELUS Health legal entity name.

None of the rebranding activities taking place (including the changes to the legal entity names) are impacting the terms of any existing client contracts. The services we are providing and prices are not changing.

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What will happen to my portal, website, materials, subdomain, platform, etc?

Our guiding principle is to convert all branded assets in as sensible and logical fashion as possible, and in a manner that is the least disruptive to you and individuals using our services.  We know that some clients will require support to convert assets and portals and we have a dedicated team looking at the best way to address changes to your services with us.

Your platforms and services remain with their original name for now. In TELUS Health branded documentation, we will make sure to clearly present the names of products and platforms your people are used to, to ensure your people can easily navigate the services.

If you are using a platform or asset that will need to be updated, we will connect with you well in advance to let you know of any changes, timelines and work with you on the transition.

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Can I co-brand your materials used to engage users of your services? Can I have your logo to add to my intranet and communications?

Use of the TELUS Health brand and logo are guided by specific brand guidelines, and the ability to use it is determined on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to your contact within our organization to share how you plan to use the logos and they will work with our Brand team to support your request.

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Will there be changes to invoices, etc? Will there be instructions on the legal name change for financial purposes? (ie. Invoicing)?

Your invoices will now be coming from TELUS Health instead of LifeWorks. Once you receive your first invoice with the TELUS Health information, please update your financial system with our new legal name and address. All other information remains the same. 

Our new legal name and address for your jurisdiction will be on the top left corner of your invoice.

If you require a vendor form for your organization, please send us a request at vendorformrequests@lifeworks.com.

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I don’t have health services, I am using other solutions LifeWorks is offering. Where do those services fit in to the overall TELUS Health brand? Will they continue to exist?

We are fully committed to our Retirement and Benefits Solutions business as it is a critical solution we provide to companies across North America.

We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and recognize three dimensions of wellbeing: physical, mental, and financial. Just as with physical and mental health, we believe that financial health and security are key components to overall health. We see retirement consulting and administration services as part of financial wellbeing and an important pillar of our overall wellness strategy.

TELUS Health’s services in the retirement space are a critical part of what employers are looking for as they look to attract, support and retain top talent. Positive financial health is a fundamental contributor to positive mental health. Bringing the Retirement and Benefit Solutions suite of services, including retirement, financial and pension and benefits administration solutions, together with our digital health technologies will create a global-leading total health and wellness platform allowing employers to better support their employees in all aspects of their wellbeing.

If you have questions, concerns or need additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact on our team.